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For bloggers and freelancers
per month
1 account
1 user
1 year of historical data
For small teams and businesses
per month
5 accounts
2 users
3 years of historical data
For digital agencies and brands
per month
300 accounts
5 users
5 years of historical data

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Monthly Price
The number of social accounts/pages you can connect to LiveDune. For example: 5 Instagram accounts, 3 Facebook pages, and 2 Twitter profiles would count as 10 social accounts in total.
The number of users who can access and contribute content to your account.
Years of historical data
The maximum possible period for which data on the accounts will be displayed.
Additional account
Additional user
Fast processing
Process analytics for new accounts in minutes, faster than with other analytics platfroms.
In-depth statistics
All key metrics for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter for your accounts and your competitors.
Statistics of any account
Collect basic statistics related to other accounts (likes, comments, ER, etc.)
Comparing accounts
Compare 2 or more social accounts by various performance metrics over a period.
Track your competitors on Instagram and Facebook to easily compare performance. Visualize their follower's growth, engagement rate, likes and comments. Discover their posting habits, most effective content, etc.
Account activity
See the evolution of your account views, clicks on your website, email and other links, click-through rates, etc.
Learn about your posting habits: post history and distribution, density by day and hour, distribution per post type etc.
See how your content resonates with your audience: average likes/reactions and comments received, likes/reactions and comments' growth, most engaging posts, etc. Discover your best times to post. For Instagram users, find video views and saves.
See your posts' reach and views, reach by post type, etc.
Promoted posts
Understand how your promoted posts impact your performance across metrics like reach, engagement, impressions + more.
Instagram stories
Insights such as reach, impressions, saves and video views; followers' age, genders and languages; story analytics, and more detailed post analytics on our media viewer.
Custom reports
Create custom reports using charts that are important for you. Add notes to each chart explaining changes in your key metrics or highlighting important details.
Export reports
Get your reports in any format with a click of a button. Download your data as images for presentations or in Excel, PDF, Power Point, Google Slides format.
Email reports
Receive analytical reports with key performance indicators for your Instagram and Facebook accounts regularly (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) in your inbox.
Check bloggers
Check Instagram bloggers for inflating their followers by monitoring dynamics of getting likes.
Post scheduler
Schedule Instagram and Facebook posts in advance from your computer. Easily preview scheduled posts.
Automatic publishing
Schedule photo and video posts in Facebook automatically. Not available for Instagram carousel and Story posts yet.
Calendar view
Get an at-a-glance view of all the content you have planned.
Instagram reminders
We'll send you prompt reminders with the image and caption you selected for posting.
Instagram grid layout
Get a sneak peek of what your content will look like before publishing on Instagram with our three-piece grid preview feature.
Say goodbye to typos and hello to flawless writing with LiveDune's autocorrect feature.
Draft posts
Create drafts, get feedback, and refine content as a team.
Monitor comments
Collect all comments from your Instagram and Facebook accounts in one place with an option to reply.
Set up alerts on the Telegram app and none of your comments will go unnoticed. You can reply in Telegram too for posting to the social networks.
Export comments
Simply select the post in question and click 'download' to get your comments in Excel format. Easy.
Hashtag monitoring
Visualize performance of an Instagram hashtag: top posts, likes and comments received. Easily compare results and export data.

Answers on most
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How does the 14-day Free Trial work?
New users can get a 14-day free trial to discover LiveDune at no cost, no risk, no obligation and no credit card needed. Your trial allows you to explore the Agency plan for an unlimited number of Instagram accounts and Facebook pages.
What happens after the trial?
If you decide to subscribe to a paid plan and become one of our customers, you’ll go through our secure online payment system. You can cancel at any time.
Which means of payment do you accept?
Paid subscriptions require a Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover.
I have more questions. Where can I find answers?
If you still have questions, you can contact us directly via support online chat.
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Our clients say

I have chosen LiveDune for its convenient structure of low cost price packages. Its Creator package fully meets my needs and helps in management of my e-shop account.
Alois Pernon
We are a startup and cost management is an important priority for us. We were looking for a social media analytics service with an attractive price structure.
Katya Dunitz
Account executive
This social media management service is a fantastic package with average rate of only $29 per month - a great saving for our small agency.
Philip Anderson
Marketing Manager
LiveDune is a favourite tool for our agency management. We also like that its price per month is well below average.
Marty Young
Marketing Director
LiveDune social media management service is offered at a very attractive price. I pay only $5 per month for the wealth of useful data.
Thara Jackson
This is a first rate
content management service
at a below average cost.
Hank Dassler
Social Media Executive
We compared price structures of leading social media management services. LiveDune package comes at a significantly lower monthly cost than its bigger competitors.
Rhianna Sanchez
My company is serious about cost management. We selected LiveDune because it is a first rate service with an attractive and transparent price structure, no hidden extras!
Michael  Moore

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