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Processing Instagram DM on a desktop

Manage your Instagram DM on a desktop with LiveDune.

Processing Instagram DM on a desktop
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DM management features

Replying to Instagram DM on a desktop can be easier that you think. You don't have to install any suspicious software or extensions. Just use LiveDune. We have added a bunch of extra Instagram DM functions besides the standard ones (write a message and reply).

  • Replying to Instagram DMReplying to Instagram DM


    Replying to Instagram DM

    Write a direct message to a commenter on Instagram—for example, to request details or send them a price list. LiveDune allows you to do that in a couple of clicks. All this streamlines your workflow and boosts interaction with users.

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  • TaggingTagging



    Group Instagram messages by subject or status for easier communication, search, and analysis. For instance, tag conversations by sales funnel stage. You can add up to 5 tags to a conversation.

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  • NotesNotes



    Add important user information (e. g., contact info or conversation summary). Notes may come in handy when a manager passes a conversation to another manager: the latter won't have to waste time on reading the entire conversation. Only you can see notes, users can't.

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  • OperatorsOperators



    If several operators are processing Instagram DM, LiveDune can help streamline their work. Your manager will always know who was responsible for which conversation.

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  • DM reply templatesDM reply templates


    DM reply templates

    Answer common questions faster. LiveDune quick reply templates will appear automatically as you type text. And the first will be those you use more often.

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  • How do I see DM replies on Instagram?


    Evaluate how quickly you respond to new conversations (during business and non-business hours), how many messages users sent you this week or for any other period. Learn what people ask most often or build an agent schedule based on peak hours.

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  • How do I view Instagram DM?

    Telegram notifications

    To not miss new direct messages and requests, set up Telegram notifications. New direct message alerts can be sent to you or to a group. You can reply to a message right in the alert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I read an Instagram message on a desktop?

    Go to "Comments" and open the "Conversations" tab to see all messages to your Instagram account.

  • How do I set up Instagram DM?

    In the Instagram app settings, go to "Settings" — "Privacy" — "Messages." Toggle on "Allow Access to Messages." Add your corporate Instagram profile to your Dashboard and grant all the necessary rights.

  • How do I write a message on Instagram on a desktop?

    Go to "Comments", open the "Conversations" tab, choose a conversation, type your reply, and click "Send."


Camila Almedia

When I discovered LiveDune I was surprised by the service, support and, above all, the platform. Finally, a tool developed to optimize Social Media Management activities with excellent usability and completeness.

Camila Almedia

Camila Almedia

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