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Quick & detailed reports for customers

Key metrics from all social media, in one place. Get weekly and monthly reports via email. Export reports to PDF, Excel, and Google Slides.

Quick & detailed reports for customers
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Reporting features

Don't waste time collecting data and compiling reports. We'll do everything for you.

  • Time saving

    Time saving

    After you add your account to the Dashboard, we will receive statistics on your account from the network every hour. You just need to download a complete report for any period and study it: find helpful insights, make suggestions for the next month, and conquer new tops.

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  • Exporting reports in popular formats

    Exporting reports in popular formats

    You can export a report in any of the three formats: PDF, Excel, and Google Slides. We can also send you weekly and monthly reports via email.

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  • Customization


    Customize reports: hide or delete slides/pages you don't need, design a report for a specific brand, or leave notes.

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Need to export data?

On average, it takes 8 hours to draw up an SMM report. In LiveDune, you can set up weekly and monthly reports in various formats (PDF, email message, Excel, Google Slides) in 5 minutes. Invest the saved time in seeking new hypotheses and insights to utilize in the next period.

Our Products

Analyze your content strategy and keep track of your competitors' performance.

Account statistics

Account statistics

Hourly assessment of your and your competitors' accounts for in-depth analysis and finding new growth points.


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We've been using this glorious tool for five years. It helps us with reporting. And it's a pleasure to see improvements and new features. New features come so fast that we don't get to test-drive them. Support agents are always responsive and caring. They help us navigate the new features and always pay attention to our feedback. Everything is friendly and great.

Ekaterina Fedorenko

Ekaterina Fedorenko

Internet Marketer @ Concept Group

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