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LiveDune Affiliate Program

For 2 years, earn up to 30% of the revenue from your leads.

LiveDune Affiliate 

Earn with LiveDune

Earn from 200 dollars per month with our referral program.

  • High-reward passive income

    High-reward passive income

    For every new client, you will get 30% of their plan cost during the first half-year. Then you will get 15% during the second half-year. Then you will get 7.5% during the next two years. Average signup to payment conversion is 9.5%.

  • Broad target audience

    Broad target audience

    LiveDune tools are great both for bloggers and professionals: companies managing their social media profiles, freelance SMM specialists, and advertising agencies.

  • Plans to fit any budget

    Plans to fit any budget

    Plan prices vary from 7 to 136 dollars per month.

  • Vast presence

    Vast presence

    The service is widely used in Russia and CIS countries. You can participate in the program no matter where you are.

How to attract new clients

  • Paid traffic source

    Paid traffic source

    Launch contextual and targeted advertising.

  • Your websites

    Your websites

    Publish information about us on your site or on your blog.

  • Social media and messengers

    Social media and messengers

    Recommend our service in your posts, on your stories, in your video reviews on social media and in messengers.

  • Events


    Mention our service at conferences, forums, and webinars.

  • Blogs


    Tell users about us on Yandex Zen, VC, Cossa, and other resources.

  • Networking


    Recommend the tool to your friends and colleagues.

How to become our partner

  • 01

    Step 1

    Sign up

  • 02

    Step 2

    Add your account (we recommend adding a Facebook or VK community as other user's account).

  • 03

    Step 3

    In the Affiliate Program section, click "Become a Partner."

  • 04

    Step 4

    Publish materials with a referral link or recommend the service to your friends.

  • 05

    Step 5

    Keep track of statistics and earn up to 30% from each referral.

Our Products

Analyze your content strategy and keep track of your competitors' performance.

Account statistics

Account statistics

Hourly assessment of your and your competitors' accounts for in-depth analysis and finding new growth points.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What traffic channels are not allowed?

    We don't allow brand bidding, doorway traffic, click-under ads, and toolbar ads. A violation of these rules will result in a ban from the referral program.

  • What does an affiliate promo code give and how do I get it?

    A promo code provides a bonus to the user who signed up through the referral link. A promo code can be given to an affiliate after they invite more than 50 users who purchased a plan.

  • What statistics can I view in my account?

    The number of users who signed up through the referral link and purchased a plan. How much the affiliate has earned and withdrawn, how many funds are on hold and not withdrawn yet. Transaction history of every referral. All-time history of payouts.

  • How often can I withdraw my earnings?

    No limits. You can even withdraw your funds every week.


This is my go-to social media reporting and analytics tool. I can't imagine my life without this handy dashboard and exports from Instagram profiles. Exported data help carry out audits, work on strategies, and supervise projects. Today, LiveDune is the most powerful social media analytics tool and a must for everyone who deals with SMM.

Aleksey Tkachuk

Aleksey Tkachuk

SMM Strategist, Founder of

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