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Make your metrics talk

Hit it off with your audience once you get to know them better. LiveDune statistics identify your best performing content and help you increase engagement rates.

Advance with your audience

LiveDune is a comprehensive toolkit for measuring the impact of your content.
Benefit from competitor analysis, find the right influencers, and come up with fresh ideas.

Maintain quality & build reputation

We are constantly looking to help you control and improve the quality of your content, evaluating the popularity rankings of your posts in comparison with your other material. Use this to enrich your offering, survey competitors, and come out on top with the most innovative ideas. LiveDune is fully equipped with extra metrics on the ideal post length, formats and topics to help you appeal to your specific audience and fine-tune your focus.

Stay right on trend

What percentage of your audience is active? Is that percentage growing or shrinking? What are your benchmarks versus your competitors'? Click on 'engagement rate' to get answers and adapt to trends.

Know where your Instagram stands

Our 'views and coverage' graph will demystify your Instagram status, letting you in on the dynamics of your account and offering accurate data on how many people are checking out your profile and when.


Instagram and Facebook
With LiveDune, social media mentions will never go unnoticed again. We'll automatically compile a list for you, where you can sort, filter, or even hide posts with ease.

Find the right post to promote

You'll find all the statistics you need to know in order to make informed decisions about promotional posts on Instagram, Facebook, and VKontakte. View the total coverage and likes for each post, and separately highlight organic and paid campaigns.

Audience analysis

Paint a realistic portrait of your audience, turning numerical data into workable marketing personas by exploring visual graphs and exporting reports to Excel.

Story statistics

Your stories will disappear in 24 hours but LiveDune will ensure all the data will remain available to you. Check up on your views, clicks, and reach long after your story is gone.

Hashtag hacking

Wondering which hashtags will accelerate your reach? Achieve maximum coverage with LiveDune's hashtag insights.
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